• Most of the settings are located in Settings menu:-
Settings menu (1/2).
Settings menu (2/2).

But you can also use Alfred variables to customize the workflow:-

  • You can change any workflow command name by modifying variables starting with c_, for example replace spot_mini by s:-
Change workflow command names.
  • You can hide some main menu entries by putting 0(or any other value) by modifying variables starting with menu_:-
Hide menu entry by putting value other than 1.
  • You can change the volume min, mid, max values by modifying variables starting with settings_volume:-
Change volume default values.
  • You can change the default text for sharing by modifying variables starting with sharing_:-
Change default sharing texts.
  • You can decide to append to the playlist when adding track(s), instead of putting tracks at beginning, by modifying variable append_to_playlist_when_adding_tracks:-
Append to the playlist when adding track(s). 1 for appending, 0 otherwise.
  • You can reduce the number of notifications, by modifying variable reduce_notifications:-
Reduce notifications. 1 for reducing, 0 otherwise.
  • You can decide to not add to your library the radio playlist, by modifying variable add_created_radio_playlist_to_library:-
Add radio playlist to library. 1 for adding to library, 0 otherwise.


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