Release Notes


IMPORTANT: This is the last release compatible with Alfred 3

  • FIXED playlist_uri assigned value #322
  • FIXED No artwork when using OS notifications (v8.4) #332


  • FIXED Catalina refuses to run alerter #304
  • IMPROVED Feature request: Add option to replay current song #313
  • FIXED Cannot play songs from Your Tops>Tracks #317


  • IMPROVED Handle “Refresh token revoked” issue more gracefully#301
  • FIXED Spot_mini > play doesn’t work anymore on 8.2 #300


  • IMPROVED Is there a way to play a specific song from external trigger?#298
  • FIXED Now Playing notifications settings not working fine #299


  • IMPROVED External Trigger: Add current playing song to a playlist by providing URI#296
  • IMPROVED Shortcut / Hotkey for searching in Spotify#282
  • FIXED Now Playing notifications are looping #293


The workflow is now compatible with Alfred 3 and Alfred 4:

  • FIXED Workflow not working with Alfred 4 #284


  • IMPROVED Add a way to search current song instantly on Reddit/YouTube from external trigger #277
  • FIXED There is empty space attached with the spotify URL track #279


  • IMPROVED Set back as it is not closing finally#269
  • FIXED Previous track command does not go to previous track #270
  • FIXED Notification images not working when using multiple OSX accounts #267


  • FIXED Authorisation is broken since November 6th #265


  • IMPROVED Make Mac OS notifications interactive #257
  • IMPROVED Use instead of as it is closing #262


  • FIXED Fix issues due to Sept, 11th Spotify playlist changes #256
  • IMPROVED Add ability to save currently playing song ‘share link’ to clipboard #255


  • FIXED cURL transport error: 35 LibreSSL SSL_connect: SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL error #251
  • FIXED Do not pop up error when displaying Now Playing notification #252


  • IMPROVED Adapt workflow to changes to Playlist URIs coming to Spotify Web API #246
  • FIXED Search for X in Spotify doesn’t work when X is a non-latin #245


  • FIXED Debug ZIP upload is broken #243


  • IMPROVED Add StatHat counter to track number of workflow installations #242 #242


  • IMPROVED Offer to automatically open Spotify app when using Spotify Connect #241
  • FIXED Problem with online playlist with emoji in its name #240


  • FIXED Error “The current track is not in Your Music or one of your playlists” #233
  • FIXED Track rating is broken #234
  • FIXED Browse your Alfred playlist menu is broken #237
  • FIXED Unable to browse playlists #238


  • FIXED Set back PHP minimum version to 5.x #232


  • IMPROVED Order playlists by number of times played#230
  • FIXED Clear your Alfred Playlist not working #231
  • FIXED Search Online with album does not display correct artist names for compilation #228
  • FIXED Current track: Cannot get current album #226


  • IMPROVED Play Random Album (but only from main Album list)#215
  • IMPROVED Create Song and Artist radio without creating playlists? #219
  • IMPROVED Copy URL to clipboard for current track, artist and album #221
  • IMPROVED Song notification artwork#224
  • FIXED Exception when getting current track played from “Album” view in Spotify app #216


  • IMPROVED Add more searchable results#213
  • IMPROVED Reddit search of track only searches for artist name #214
  • FIXED Disabling Now Playing notifications is doing nothing #211


  • FIXED Problems with search on russian language #210
  • FIXED Don’t show music info when playing new song but able to get current playing info? #209



  • ADDED How to instantly see my Alfred playlist? #194
  • ADDED Add settings to open lyrics directly in the default browser #193
  • ADDED Add Soundcloud to web search #196
  • ADDED Add missing external triggers #195
  • FIXED Installation failure on 10.13 #192
  • FIXED Online playlist search #198
  • FIXED Exception when raising volume above 100% with Mopidy #199
  • FIXED Infinite loop during refresh library when getting 404 error #197


  • ADDED Add option to append to a playlist when adding tracks #190, see article Customization


  • ADDED Support multiple Spotify accounts#171, see article Multiple Users
  • ADDED Add recently played tracks#184, see article Recent Tracks
  • ADDED Add a setting to put albums at the top of search lists#173
  • ADDED Add external trigger for every command#176
  • ADDED Add option to reduce number of notifications#183
  • IMPROVED Album cover in ✧Current Track view#181
  • FIXED Volume Down hotkey#175


  • ADDED Make themes configurable#161, see article Change Theme
  • ADDED Add Sharing feature using Mac OS X Sharing#158, see article Share
  • ADDED Add new Web Search command for current track#160, see article Web Search
  • ADDED Allow to hide some main menu entries#163, see article Customization
  • ADDED Add option to not use artworks#150
  • ADDED Set volume min & max as workflow variables#153
  • IMPROVED Use ZIP instead of TGZ for debug files#162
  • FIXED Issue with chinese playlists#156
  • FIXED Self-Updated playlists are not updated within the workflow#165


  • FIXED Launching playlist when Spotify app is not opened#147


  • ADDED Add option to allow to download a green theme #145

  • FIXED Make workflow more resilient to AppleScript output errors#144


  • ADDED Allow users to rename all commands #132

  • ADDED Toggle repeat on / off from the workflow. #122

  • ADDED Add Spotify Mini Player fallback search. #134

  • FIXED Playlist starting with emoji is causing issues #129

  • FIXED Charts is broken #118

  • FIXED Biography is broken #138

  • FIXED Radio not working #137


WARNING: This version is only compatible with Alfred v3

  • ADDED Compatible with Alfred v3

  • FIXED Lyrics not found #115


WARNING: To use Top Artists and Top Tracks new feature, you need to re-authorize the workflow by executing spot_mini_reset_settings

  • ADDED Add top artists and tracks for user #116

  • IMPROVED Trigger OS X notifications without changing the current music #109

  • FIXED Search online broken if space is used #113

  • FIXED localhost site not starting #114

  • FIXED Now playing pops up even when disabled #115


  • ADDED Growl notifications #107

  • FIXED Web API Exception: invalid id when browsing an artist with only local tracks #111

  • FIXED Bug with Remove track from Playlist#112


  • ADDED Add volume percent configuration in Settings menu #94

  • ADDED Add possibility to remove stars/ratings from track names #98

  • ADDED Add autoplay when starting radio #99

  • ADDED Improve spot_mini_debug by directly uploading ZIP file to #105

  • FIXED Search does not handle spaces #97

  • FIXED No ‘error’ provided in response body happening almost every time for one user #104


  • ADDED Add option to create a Complete Collection playlist for artist

  • FIXED Fix for issue #86 Lyrics are broken

  • FIXED Fix for issue #92 Volume controls not working (does not decrease)


  • ADDED Add back volmid and volmax commands #80

  • ADDED Add collaborative playlist support #81

  • FIXED Fix for issue #78 Just 5 albums in “My Music”


  • ADDED Add Play/Pause (Remote and Action) command #71

  • ADDED Order albums by date added (newest on top) #77

  • IMPROVED Better handling of artworks, with lower size (64x64 px)#74

  • FIXED Fix for issue #73 404 error while updating playlist with “!” in owner id name

  • FIXED Fix for issue #72 “Playlist” (browse by playlist) list is empty



  • IMPROVED Better handling of local files #68. A local track will be identified with a :pushpin:.


  • FIXED Fix for issue #65 Ignore playlists with empty names

  • IMPROVED Detect AppleScript execution errors #67. This will help users to detect if they have the latest bugged Spotify update.



  • ADDED Add Play Random Album #60

  • IMPROVED Better handling of playable tracks. Not playable tracks are displayed with :no_entry_sign: and are not actionable #57

  • IMPROVED Added check for minimal PHP version which is 5.4 (shipped in Mavericks) #59


  • FIXED Fix for issue #52 and #53


  • FIXED Fix for issue #49 and #50

  • FIXED Control Spotify volume instead of System volume #47



  • ADDED Full Alfred Remote support

  • ADDED Now Playing: display a notification every time a track is played (or un-paused).

  • ADDED Play Queue: get the Play Queue directly in the workflow.

  • ADDED New icons

  • ADDED Added charts

  • ADDED Background download of artworks and better, quicker library refresh

  • ADDED Added Search Online (i.e not in your library) for albums, artists or tracks and playlists

  • IMPROVED Better lyrics handling

  • ADDED Added new album releases

  • ADDED Follow or Unfollow an artist

  • ADDED Follow or remove a playlist

  • IMPROVED And many more improvements and bug fixes…


  • ADDED Added Create Artist Radio playlist (number of tracks is configurable)

  • ADDED Added Create Song Radio playlist feature (number of tracks is configurable)

  • ADDED Added command artist_radio to create artist radio playlist from current artist

  • ADDED Added command song_radio to create song radio playlist from current track

  • IMPROVED Continue using the workflow while updating library (playlist, all playlists or Your Music)!

  • ADDED Added command lyrics to get lyrics from current track

  • ADDED New sub-menu for Current Track (hotkey available for quick access)


  • FIXED Fix for issue #29 (If you had more than 50 playlists, say 58, only the last 8 were processed)

  • FIXED Fix for playlist artworks not downloaded


  • IMPROVED Added more validations for authentication (check length is 32, check that Client Secret is different than Client ID).

  • ADDED Added command spot_mini_reset to reset settings


  • FIXED Fixed hard-code user id in update library

  • IMPROVED Enhancements to play/pause


  • IMPROVED Using now Spotify WEB API instead of Spotify App API

  • IMPROVED Using OAuth 2.0 authentication

  • ADDED Control Your Music, you can choose to control the Alfred Playlist or Your Music now

  • ADDED Featured Playlists in your country, US and UK

  • IMPROVEDUpdate Playlists now also update playlists which have been updated (not only the ones added or removed as before)

  • IMPROVED Reworked biography

  • IMPROVED Many more improvements


  • FIXED Fixed broken Play Random Track

  • ADDED Now displaying notification for random track

  • ADDED Add ‘Get current track information’

  • ADDED Add notification for previous and next track


  • ADDED Add Play artist option in Browse this artist mode


  • FIXED Fix for artworks being downloaded in online mode (regression)


  • ADDED Get a maximum of 1000 related artists


  • FIXED Temporarily fixed problem with update library


  • FIXED Fixed artwork download issues


  • FIXED Fixed spot_mini_debug


  • FIXED Second attempt to get related artists more reliable

  • IMPROVED Improved performances of Update Library, Update Playlist and Update Playlist List


  • IMPROVED Moved to new Spotify WEB API for online lookups

  • ADDED Display release date of album in online mode


  • FIXED Get related artists is more reliable

  • ADDED Display in playlist for every track


  • FIXED Fixed check for updates


  • IMPROVED Compliant with latest Spotifious version


  • IMPROVED Improved performances

  • ADDED New command to unstar a track

  • ADDED Added new command (with external trigger) spot_mini_update_library to update library

  • IMPROVED Automatically update Alfred Playlist after adding track, album or playlist

  • IMPROVED Automatically update starred playlist after star/unstar track

  • ADDED New theme

  • ADDED Shortcuts to Settings/Alfred Playlist/Playlists (need to configure hotkeys)


  • IMPROVED Improved notifications


  • FIXED Fix issue with `add_current_track_to_alfred_playlist_or_your_music command


  • ADDED Star track display track info and artwork

  • IMPROVED Search artist online even when not in library


  • FIXED Fix display of results in a playlist when searching tracks


  • FIXED Fix release package 4.3.1


  • FIXED Fix release package 4.3


  • ADDED New command add_current_track_to_alfred_playlist_or_your_music: Add current track to Alfred Playlist

  • IMPROVED Modifer action are now working on the now playing track (result which has the play/pause option)

  • ADDED New notifications now display artworks(10.9+ only)

  • IMPROVED Various improvements


  • ADDED Option to disable Get Lyrics


  • FIXED Fix a problem with local files in playlist

  • IMPROVED Updated to Packal

  • IMPROVED Updated to new Spotifious version


  • IMPROVED Implemented suggestions described in issue 14


  • ADDED Add spot_mini_issue command to report a bug or propose enhancement.

  • FIXED Fix a potential issue with Library update.


  • ADDED Now use free TCP port for communication between workflow and Spotify App Helper.


  • IMPROVED Improved Mini player App. Removed configuration of country code, it is now done automatically.


  • ADDED Added debug area in Spotify App, this will help debugging issues with library update, if any


  • FIXED Fixed a problem where notifications are not working


  • ADDED Choose workflow themes: green or black

  • ADDED Display and browse Related Artists

  • ADDED Display Artist biography

  • ADDED Display current track lyrics

  • ADDED Use any of your playlists (including the starred playlist) as the Alfred Playlist

  • ADDED Clear your Alfred Playlist (exluding the starred playlist)

  • ADDED Auto-Updater: check for update once per day

  • ADDED Check for update in Settings

  • IMPROVED Various enhancements


  • FIXED Fix issue with some weird playlists with some kind of corrupted tracks


  • ADDED Added more error checks when setting Alfred Playlist URL


  • FIXED Attempt to fix corrupted spotify app directories


  • IMPROVED Reworked failure detection for first time use


  • ADDED Added playlists in now playing section


  • FIXED Fix: Browse by Artist and by Album is very slow for big libraries (>30K tracks)


  • FIXED Fixed output for update playlist and update playlists list


  • FIXED Fixed problem when antislash is in album,track,artist name


  • FIXED Minor Fixes.


  • IMPROVED Top list is now a playlist like any others.

  • IMPROVED Now check if track is playable before displaying it


  • ADDED Added Update Playlist list(use it when you have added or removed a playlist). Various fixes.


  • IMPROVED Added artworks to playlists! Please update your library to enjoy this new feature


  • FIXED Some fixes and improvements on Playlists


  • ADDED Added progress indicator during update of library and playlists

  • ADDED Added possibility to update playlists directly from the workflow!


  • IMPROVED No more need to copy JSON data! Just click on “Update library”

  • ADDED Added spot_mini_kill command to kill update library if it is stuck


  • IMPROVED Moving to spotify API 1.x: no more 200 tracks limitation on playlists

  • ADDED Added spot_mini_debug command to help troubleshooting

  • IMPROVED Improved robustness and error detections


  • ADDED Major speed improvements. Using a library with 18000 tracks, search scope set to ALL, with artworks displayed, it takes 150ms to return 50 results

  • ADDED Launch your top list

  • ADDED Online mode: Lookup for artist online and then browse all albums and tracks

  • IMPROVED Many more improvements


  • ADDED New icons

  • ADDED Option to enable/disable artworks

  • ADDED Option to enable/disable More from this artist/album


  • IMPROVED Attempt to better detect problems with spotify-app-miniplayer app


  • FIXED Fix issue during library creation where nothing happened


  • ADDED Quick access to menus, for example start typing setting and Settings menu will be selected

  • ADDED Add a playlist to Alfred Playlist using ⇧ modifier


  • ADDED Introducing Alfred Playlist: control a playlist from Alfred. Add Track with fn or Album with shift to the playlist, browse it or clear it from Alfred.


  • IMPROVED Using own Spotify app . Nore more need to do manual install, this is automatically done. Using this allows more control and less hacking to make it work
  • ADDED New random command, it will launch a random track from any of your playlists
  • ADDED New star command, it will star the current track


  • IMPROVED Move code to GitHub
  • FIXED Fix artworks not cached when playlist is not from the user


  • ADDED Display user for playlists
  • ADDED Added settings to launch spotify:app:export app


  • IMPROVED Automatic support of playlists (including starred playlist)
  • ADDED Setting to disable spotifious
  • ADDED alt and cmd modifiers now open and play music


  • FIXED Fix for very large libraries


  • FIXED Fixes and improvements to playlists


  • ADDED Built-in support of playlists!


  • ADDED Updated (again) allocated memory to 256M
  • IMPROVED Check json data is valid when creating/updating library
  • FIXED minor fixes


  • FIXED Updated allocated memory to 128M.


  • FIXED Fix memory issue when library.json file size is big.
  • ADDED New icons.


  • IMPROVED Do not fetch online artworks for current track(for performance reasons).
  • FIXED Minor bug fixes.


  • ADDED Added same keywords as iTunes Mini Player: play, pause, mute, next, previous, volmax, volmid. And shuffle to activate shuffling.


  • IMPROVED Performance improvement when using Starred Playlist only Search Scope (only a subset of library.json is loaded)


  • FIXED Fix for duplicate tracks in results.
  • FIXED Better handling of UTF-8 characters.


  • ADDED Display current track information.
  • ADDED Select current track to play/pause the track
  • ADDED Added More from this Artist and More from this album


  • IMPROVED Display a default artwork when not available.
  • FIXED Fix Search playlist
  • ADDED Add check that Max Results is a number and greater than 0


  • ADDED Added Browse by Playlists (if playlists.json is configured)
  • ADDED Added configuration for Max number of results
  • ADDED Added default result to search with Spotify


  • FIXED Fixed issue when browsing by Artist and by Album


  • IMPROVED library.json, playlists.json and artwork cache are now in the app data directory (/Users/YOUR_USER/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/Workflow Data/ The workflow can now be updated without loosing cached artworks, playlists and library.


  • ADDED Initial Version