Control Alfred Playlist or Your Music

Alfred Playlist

The Alfred Playlist is simply one of your playlists that you can choose and for which you have shortcut to add tracks, albums and even playlists.

  • Simply choose one of your playlists as the current Alfred Playlist:-
Select or change your Alfred Playlist is easy.
  • To add a track to your Alfred Playlist select it with fn modifier, you’ll get a menu where you can choose your Alfred Playlist (or any other playlist):-
Use fn on a track and press enter, then choose your Alfred Playlist.
  • To add an album or another playlist to your Alfred Playlist, select a track with shift modifier key and press enter. You’ll get a menu where you can choose your Alfred Playlist (or any other playlist).

  • To add currently playing track to your Alfred Playlist, you can use add_current_track_to_alfred_playlist_or_your_music command:

Use add_current_track_to_alfred_playlist_or_your_music command to add current playing track to your Alfred Playlist.
  • You can also clear all tracks from your Alfred Playlist, be careful when doing it.

A confirmation will be asked:-

Clear your Alfred Playlist.

Your Music

If you want to control Your Music instead of Alfred Playlist, you can change it in the settings:-

Choose to control Your Music or Alfred Playlist.

Then all the options explained above for Alfred Playlist will apply to Your Music.


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