Known Issues

This is the list of current known issues:

Authentication issues

  • Make sure to disable Mac OS http proxy settings for scripts option in Alfred advanced preferences during time of authentication.

  • Wappalyzer browser extension interfere with authentication process: make sure to disable it during time of authentication.

  • Safari does not work with authentication, if it is default on your system, the workflow will try to launch (in this order) Google Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Chromium, Microsoft Edge or Vivaldi instead.

Spotify WEB API limitations

  • The special playlists like Daily Mix or Discover Weekly are not supported by the workflow, there is no API available to do that.


  • Mopidy support in the workflow is deprecated, see reasons here.


  • Sonos speakers are not appearing in the workflow due to a Spotify issue, see bug

Install PHP (MacOS Monterey and above)

PHP is no more installed by default starting from MacOS Monterey, so you need to install php from brew before using the workflow:

  • Install brew: /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

  • Install PHP: brew install php


PHP 5.5.0 or later is required for authentication. This is because I am using the PHP CLI built-in web server for Oauth process. If you use an older version, install php from brew as explained above.