If you experience an issue with the workflow, there is no point to uninstall/re-install it, please follow these steps instead:

  • Use the spot_mini_debug keyword input (note that if an exception occurs, it is automatically called) and use Send an email to the author option. This will generate an email with all information needed for troubleshooting.
Send mail to author.

Note: the information is also copied to your clipboard, so you can create the email yourself and send it to AT

Note: With the debug email, I’ll have access to your Spotify library (but not your Spotify password). This is only for the time of investigation. Once investigation is over, you can regenerate a Client Secret, as explained in the Spotify Application page:-

Regenerate Client Secret once investigation is over.
  • For an enhancement request, you can open an issue on the Github page. You can also use command spot_mini_issue to open the issue:-
Open an issue on Github page.


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