Library update

Refresh Library

  • Every time you update Your Music or add a track/album/playlist to a playlist, the workflow automatically updates the library and you’ll get notifications:-
Notifications during a Refresh Library.

Note: This can be disabled by setting automatically_refresh_library environment variable to 0

  • In case you have modified a playlist or added tracks to Your Music using the Spotify application directly, then you can force a Refresh Library:-

    • Use the refresh_library command:-
refresh_library command.
  • Use the Refresh your library in Settings menu:-
Refresh your Library in Settings menu.
  • You can activate automatic refresh of your library every x minutes (enter 0 to de-activate) in Settings menu:-
Automatic refresh of library.

Background download of artworks

The workflow downloads artworks in background, which means that the Create/Refresh Library is very fast.

You get a notification when background download of artworks starts:-

Notification for the start of background download of artworks.
  • During that time, you can use the workflow and you’ll see the progress at the top of main menu:-
Progress bar for background download of artworks.
  • Until the download is complete, you can see some blank artworks, that’s expected:-
Example of blank artworks until the end of background download is over.

Re-Create Library from scratch

If for some reason you want to delete and re-create your entire library, you can select Re-Create your library from scratch in Settings menu:-

Re-Create your library from scratch.


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