Full control of your playlists !

Browse, launch, follow or even remove any of your playlists
Add tracks, album or even playlists to any of your playlist, or Your Music right from the workflow. You can also remove tracks.

Lightning search !

Search in your Spotify library from Alfred App.
Instantaneous search in your tracks, albums, artists, Your Music, shows, episodes and playlists.

Search anything online !

Missing something in your library? Search online for tracks, albums, artists, shows, episodes and playlists. Follow new playlists or shows right from the workflow.

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Fuzzy Search

Fuzzy search.

Podcasts (shows and episodes)

Compatible with Podcasts.

Spotify Connect

Compatible with Spotify Connect (premium users only).

Multiple Users

Switch between multiple Spotify accounts

Recent Tracks

Get your recently played tracks

Web Search

Do a web search for current track or artist on Youtube, Facebook, etc...

Change Theme

Multiple themes are available

Your Tops

Get your top artists and top tracks

Complete Collection

Create a playlist with the complete collection for an artist.

Quick Mode

Quick Mode to launch tracks/artists/albums/playlists as quick as possible.

Back Button

Go Back button to get back to previous menu.

Browse Spotify categories

Browse Spotify categories as in the Spotify player’s “Browse” tab.

Follow or remove playlist

Follow an online playlist or remove any of your playlists.

Current Track

Display current track information and various options.

Play Queue

Get the list of queued tracks directly in the workflow.

Alfred Remote

Full Alfred Remote Support.

Follow or Unfollow artists

Follow or unfollow artists.

Remove current track from...

Remove current track from Your Music or any of your playlists.

Add to...

Add tracks, albums or playlists to Your Music or any of your playlists.

Search Online

Search online for albums, artists, tracks and even playlists.

Library update

Fast and automatic library updates (with artworks downloaded in background).

Related Artists

Get the list of related artists for any artist.

Radio Playlists

Create artist or song radio playlists from the workflow.


Display an OS X or Growl notification for listened tracks.

New Album Releases

Get the latest album releases in your country or any other country.


Get the lyrics of current track in the workflow.

Keyword input

Support of many keyword inputs play, pause, mute, next, random, volume_up, shuffle, etc...


Full support of Alfred hotkeys.

Featured Playlists

Get the featured playlists in your country or any other country.

Modifier keys

Support of modifier keys, shortcuts for common actions.

Control Alfred Playlist or Your Music

Control Your Music, or a favorite playlist.